Every company serves a market segment, and within each market segment there are customer personas who want to engage your products and services differently based on their individual hates and loves. To succeed, you must understand them.

Here are the four basic customer personas. Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, each has their own set of expectations.

#1: The Driver

These are goal-oriented decision makers. They enter your store—either bricks-and-mortar or online—armed with knowledge of what they want. If they see what they want, they’ll buy it on the spot. They want as frictionless an experience as possible.

To make the Driver love you, smile. Be forthright and confident about what you’re offering—don’t beat around the bush. Be prompt and courteous, but not “chummy.” Stick to the business at hand. Know your product and its benefits. Don’t talk too much—let them take the lead in the conversation. This customer is looking for an efficient and knowledgeable facilitator, and you need to make that expectation a reality.

#2: The Analytical

This customer wants detailed information about the product or service. They need facts and figures, and they love to ask questions. They do their homework, and pore over every possibility before making a purchase. Much like Drivers, they don’t seek small talk. They like to stay on topic while still discussing each option to ensure they are making the right decision.

To make the Analytical love you, know your product and be on your toes. The analytical is looking for a subject matter expert, so be that person. Provide them with accurate answers to their questions or concerns. Don’t take it personally if they try to fact-check you, because it’s all part of them reaching their comfort zone. Above all, be patient!

#3: The Amiable

The polar opposite of the Driver, this customer wants you to be their friend. To them, it’s very important that you understand them and why they want the product or service. They have a strong need to belong and relate to a group. They don’t just do business; they want to include you in their network of friends. Intensely loyal, they have a circle of professionals attached to every need in their life—the same doctor, lawyer, mechanic. They are dependable, “go with the flow” customers who want the best for everyone around them.

To make an Amiable love you, make the entire shopping experience esthetically pleasing and relaxed. Treat the Amiable as if they were visiting your own home. Make them feel welcome and special. Often with the Amiable, they want the interaction to be successful (they are optimistic people), so in a sense, the sale is yours to lose. To keep them on track, gently remind them that you are there to help them.

#4: The Collaborator

Collaborators need to make decisions that are supported by a consensus. They might bring their friends or family members into your store to help them make a selection. Because Collaborators tend to be tactful and adaptable, they’re often pleasant to work with. The downside is that they will rarely make a decision on the first visit, and may take repeated touches because they need their group to reach a consensus. This is the person who will say they need to ask their spouse, partner, or teammate before they commit.

To make a Collaborator love you, be patient. Arm them with a generous amount of documentation they can show to their group. When they leave and come back a few days later, remember them and offer to work with them to answer any questions the group (or spouse) may have.

Here’s the bottom line: If you want your customers to love your brand, meet them on their own turf and treat them the way they want to be treated.